Thursday, October 18, 2007

Petite Modeling into the Modeling Agency

Again and again I see the girls on the Internet who want to be models but they don’t know how to get into the agency door so they become Internet Models, and the Internet is their outlet, their entrance, their welcoming, and where they feel hot and adorned. They want to shoot but they end up with the wrong photographers or wasting time not getting the pictures they need. Most of the time they are thinking “Oh boy here we go again when they take off their bra and whip it across the room.” Most of these girls are less than 5’6” and they have no other option but to use the Internet as leverage to be considered a model. Or so they think. Ever feel like being an Internet model is only fun when you are in-front of the computer. Don’t forget about Commercial Print Modeling Agencies, they accept petite models. I know it is harder if you are in a smaller town but these agencies are different than where a Fashion model submits. The height requirements aren’t as stern. And if they have one, some say 5’7” but honestly you should submit yourself anyways. If they like your look they will accept you. If you want to get your dab at modeling and you are already 6 inches too short, then don’t waste time where you don’t belong. Commercial print agencies are best for petite models. The modeling world isn’t just Fashion and it isn’t just Playboy either. Knowing your trade of modeling is like knowing a business, learning a trade and becoming an executive at it. There is also a handy book called Ross Reports. This is the link:

Or it can be found at Barnes and Noble for 10bucks. A new one comes out seasonally. Inside you will find a list of talent agencies and submitting your pictures too. Although just having this book isn’t enough. --Your pictures sell you and your modeling really relies on your own persistence of getting quality photos.

Isobella jade