Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Perfectly Petite Models

Petite models have to use what they do have. The height might be lacking, but the energy, the great skin, the smile, the hair, the proportions might be on! The photographer needs to know how to angle his camera and shoot in away that makes you appear at your best, not revealing your true height which can be a turn off to the Modeling Industry.
Yet as a petite model you need to know how to pose your body and how to come off as tall as you might want to be.

My Posing Tips might help ( down below).

First, we have to ask ourselves: WHY does Height matter so much to the modeling business?
This comes down to image and the modeling history. The Fashion World is what defines what is hot and worthy and of the "moment" and for the fashion world samples are made for a taller,leaner women because to the eye it looks more appealing and creates admiration and a sense of want. Therefore TALL, LEAN, TALL MODELS, Supermodels, are who run the runway and the fashion worlds of modeling. (when was the last time you saw a short fat chick rock the runway??) Even at Lane Bryant the Girls are proportioned and not plump or 5'2"!!! ..... But most girls are curvey who are petite. So it seems to not be realistic. Although we do have more in common with the Plus Size Model, than the fashion model, since now the commercial world is of the hype, and looking fresh,healthy, natural, and less makeup is the glam today, and even the flat shoe is in, which pulls even the tallest of women to the ground, which in a sense is good for the little girl like us!

Honestly what really has changed it retail. It is more about the average girl in America- who is only 5'3" tall- than we might think. Now at event Walmart and Target stores you can get fashion items, accessories and bags, makeup and at a very low price compared to shopping at high end fashion stores. Even high end designers are designing for the average girl in America's height. This also means a lot to the petite model. And our chances. It means that culture and trends are designed for the Average girl. Which means modeling agencies should be more open minded to the idea of a short model. Look at a McDonalds commercial or Verizon commercial- those actors and models don't look like Fashion to me! ---Still-It is still hard to barge through the Modeling Agency door( they have egos too, so if they let a tiny girl in, they fear for their own ego) Yet modeling agencies should be more open to chance and give us one....It isn't about only the size zero tall Giraffe anymore. If I can get with an agency and I am only barely, hardly, not even-Almost 5'4" in height- then that means something is changing. Although I don't try to be a fashion model anymore, I try to use what I got.

A Great body, great Skin, a proportioned body and I use my parts to get places in the Modeling Business, as a petite model I am always scouting out new ways to promote myself too. Such as: I want to be involved with jewelry ads and hair product ad campaigns like TIGI www.tigihaircare.com/

The Internet gives the short girl a chance at modeling too. Because of the boom of the Internet, social and career gaps are smaller. If you want to make virtual friends you go on Myspace, if you want to learn about modeling just put your photo on a Modeling Internet website. Or an Internet Modeling Website- depending on which way you Google it.

.....and if you have a chance I would read: The Ugly Business of Beautiful Women, by Michael Gross, it is a very insightful book about the truths of history the modeling business has endured. From the early 1900's. But the book doesn't talk about the Internet because it ends in the 1990's. So in that case I would read Almost 5'4" Confessions of an Unconventional Model, and you can read how the Internet has helped my modeling career since I am a petite model and had no chance with an agent at the start. Or so I thought!

How to pose: I have been told I look taller in photos. Some people can't believe until I stand next to them that I am so tiny and petite. Petite models need to stretch and point your toes, arch yoru back, bend your arms, and I can't stress enough, look at your self in the mirror!!...and extend yourbody when you pose, chin up, bend at the knee, create curves and movement of your body makes you appear longer....being a petite model means you have to stretch your self in a way that isn't blunt, so sit in a chair but extend your legs out at a cocked angle.

Where to stand: Petite models have to be aware of their atmospheres when shooting. Don't stand next to a huge tree, and Don't stand next to a tall Giraffe fashion model, it will only make you look shorter!!

Miss little thing
isobella jade

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