Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Craigslist is a Model Pit Stop

This post is sick! Did you hear about this post yet: Please Petite Models don't fall for this bullshit scam!

DATE-A-MODEL Companionship Service - Now Hiring - $50 CASH PER HOUR!Reply to: job-458724595@craigslist.orgDate: 2007-10-24, 7:25PM New exclusive high-end dating service in Manhattan hiring models to go on dates.THIS IS A NON-SEXUAL AND TOTALLY LEGAL SERVICE SO DO NOT GET ALL PISSY!:)Here's how the service works:Our clients are all wealthy single men who want to reward themselves for all their hard work and success, or live out the fantasy of dating a model. Think about it--what is one key reason guys work so hard to be so successful (to attract hot women--duh!).They are all lawyers, doctors, bankers, business owners--all make over $100K/yr. The kind of guys who spend $3000 to attend race-driving school one weekend--again, to fulfill a longstanding fantasy of theirs.Our clients pay us $50/hr. to set up a date with a model-pretty woman. They are given your pictures, age, height/weight, and profession as search criteria.The dates all must begin in a public place--typically a bar or restaurant, although often at the event itself, like a play, concert, opera, etc.The client also pays you $50/hr CASH for your valuable time for going on this date with him. THIS MONEY IS FOR YOUR TIME, NOTHING ELSE--THERE IS NO IMPLIED OR EXPLICIT REQUIREMENT FOR ANY TYPE OF PHYSICAL RELATIONSHIP AT ALL.Models must be polite, respectful, friendly, interested, and attentive. They must arrive ON TIME and dressed very well and appropriately.Both models and clients provide feedback on each date. Positive and negative feedback will be available to future clients so they can use this to help guide their date choices. So if you want repeat business, you have to provide a very nice, enjoyable date--again, sex is NOT part of this arrangement!Clients who receive 3 negative feedbacks "strike out" and are removed.Models who receive 3 negative feedbacks are also removed.Models who refuse 3 dates are removed.Models who no-show have the ability to make up for this rudeness by giving the same client a free date--otherwise they will be removed after 1 episode.Models are provided with client age, profession, and race, but no pictures so they can refuse a date (up to 2 times).Models are being paid as 1099 independent contractors by the client themselves, so are responsible for reporting all income, if they wish (we are not reporting).This is the perfect part-time job for a model who needs extra income to meet expenses. There are NO physical contact requirements on each date EXCEPT you must greet your client with a kiss on the mouth at the start and end of each date. In fact, the hello and good-bye kiss are what we use to time the duration and payment for each date. The kiss can be closed mouth, does not have to be a "make-out" session or French kiss, by any means. But our clients have expressed unhappiness paying several hundred dollars for a quick peck on the cheek at the end of the night, which is understandable. After all, they are paying for a fantasy, so just give them a quick kiss on the lips, ok?:)You are NOT allowed to solicit clients for sex-for-$ or any other illegal propositions, as this is illegal, and will put our legit. company at vicarious legal risk, which we do not want. Any activity like this will cause immediate removal.If you CHOOSE to have some sort of physical relationship with a client, anywhere from "1st base" to "all the way" this is YOUR CHOICE and not in any way expected, you are doing this VOLUNTARILY, and has nothing to do with his payment of $50/hr which is for companionship ONLY (NOT SEX)!If interested in applying to join our stable of beautiful models who don't mind going on a date once a week to help pay their rent, please submit the following:- name (you can use a stage name but make it realistic not stupid please)- age (peak demand is for women in their 20s, just so you know)- height and weight (peak demand is for taller, thinner women--model-types)- photo (both full-length and head shot, if your pic is too big for CL email us and we will provide you w a direct email address; sexier pics get more dates!)Congrats on some easy cash and making some rich guy's day!:)
Compensation: $50 per hour CASH - for non-sexual companionship only - this is 100% legit!
This is a part-time job.

If I knew this bastard I would kick his ass!

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