Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Male Modeling: This Ones for the Boys

So I haven't touched enough on the male models. But this morning, reading www.mediabistro.com -I read an article about lad magazines,
and how these magazines are getting more sophisticated, instead of being like Stuff Magazine or FHM. Although I admit with a sly smirk, I still would love to rock the pages of Maxim Magazine and maybe I will shortly- Only I'd like to model my own lingerie line which I plan to launch in 2008 compared to just sticking my ass out for the sake of it!
http://women.timesonline.co.uk/tol/life_and_style/women/article2523264.ece - I like what Rosie Boycott stands for.

- but for the men out there, male modeling deserves some hints and tips too.

1. Think of women's magazines'- just like I tell the girls, you should be researching too.
Maybe your not runway tall, but why not get some photos of yourself and mail them to Cosmo magazine or Marie Claire Magazine, or Jane Magazine? Male modeling isn't just to look buff and hot in a fitness magazine, it is also to portray the boyfriend for the editorials on relationships and sex in these girly magazines. And use the Internet. Get your photo on some sites and start exposing yourself. Not just your chest and ass but your smile :) - (you might end up later in the Crest Toothpaste Ad!!!)

2. shoe modeling. The Average male shoe model is a size 8! So don't bash the smaller sized foot girls,- these guys can also make 300 a day shoe modeling for Gucci!

3. Diversity, You need shots of yourself in a tux and sipping coffee. Both looks need to be in your portfolio book or on your compcard. You can model for everything from watches, to cruises, the underwear, the shoes, the hair products, and Disneyland vacations!

4. If money is tight and you have chose between getting a compcard or portfolio. Go for the compcard. At most castings the casting director or photographer wont have time to flip through the book. Spend the extra money on better photos and comp card quality.

5. You don't have to be hot to be a male model. Just like for the girls, you can model until you are 80 - think of this: Who models for the Advil Commercials and the Retirement home Ads?


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