Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Aren't you Glad your Alive Aspiring Models?

A couple years ago my friend Colleen met with a fashion designer. He has recently been accused of rape. I called her frustrated and we recalled the casting she went too and trying on the rapists jeans and she said "that guy was being such an asshole!".....and I reminded her " aren't you glad to be un-raped!" it was a sick joke but seriously Anand Jon Alexander,ABC7 reports ,is accused of rape and sexual assault for 59 accounts. The story sounds bad enough already. A designer you might have very well met through a Craigslist ad or even through your agency or at a dive bar. I even added him as a friend on my Myspace page a year ago, and shared a conversation with him after my friend Colleen told me first that he was a prick to her, but I thought his jeans looked kinda cool, and maybe I could use some for a shoot... I spoke to Anand Jon through my Myspace inbox....Well never again!!!

Do not buy these jeans!!!!!!!!!!!!! ,

A nasty asshole rapist touched them.

God bless Natalie Pack for coming forward.

Most assholes are assholes and they could become rapist so watch out!

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