Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Modeling Scams

Do people think models are That Dumb? I received this email today and it was really upsetting.

Hi Isobella,
After reviewing your photos we love them! We would most definitely like to see more of you, and would strongly consider you for employment which will include print modeling, promos at nightclubs and concerts and fashion shows . We are also offering a signing bonus. We would also like to submit some photos of you into Maxim Magazine for a 9mm Marketing Campaign.

If you decide to go through with our search please forward two photos of yourself in a 9mm shirt to asap (photos DO NOT have to be professional) we will be using these for the Maxim Ad, which is a collage of some of our Applicants that will cover a full page in the Magazine. Please email photos back to us. You can pick up a shirt at . We are hiring through the shooting stars competition, which mean only girls who enter will be considered for employment. We will basically be using these photos as a reference for judging (hiring) . All instructions and application for employment can be found on our website in the "contest" section. Please have photos and applications submitted as soon as possible.

Looking Forward and Hope you can Participate!

Is it just me or it is odd that this company is asking models to buy a 40 dollar tee shirt, take the photo of themselves wearing it and then submit the jpeg and for a chance to be in their little Maxim ad(who knows if it will ever even run anyways)? Maybe some really dumb models will fall for it, but this company is surely full of shit thinking their approach towards a sales campaign is going work? is a hint. If you want to be in Maxim Magazine, then mail your photo yourself before you waste 40 bucks on some bullshit/scam. Beware! I Love but you gotta know when something is plain out right bullshit.

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