Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Petite Models its OK! -Being Picky is OK

Tonight I will share on my audio podcast the importance of being picky when it comes to findnig a photographer and not wasting time in a business that is very fast paced and unstable.

You might think you are a model because you had one photo shoot, -try again... because getting the consistant gigs is a long slow struggle of many ups and downs, and long-time work is very uncommon in the modeling business and most girls do not do it full time, so at the very least it is best to be picky when it comes to who you work with.

I will talk about more on my podcast tonight for fifteen minute.

Today I showed my hands and neck at a casting, it was for a jewelry ad campaign. I was silent in the elevator on the way out praying I'd get it, and the girl in the elevator next to me was checking me out. Earlier, moments before she had whipped out her portfolio and when the casting director came over the girl said"portfolio" and whipped it infront of the casting director like it was a wand....when she went in for her shot at the casting I looked at my unpolished hands and wanted to bite my finger nail. I got out my compcard and I quickly dabbed some cream on my neck like an old lady would have, and noticed every crease I had, and took my red raincoat off and walked over when it was my turn to get my face, neck and hands shot I held my #10 post it proud!

I was number 10 today :) Maybe it's sign.

isobella jade

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