Friday, October 19, 2007

Petite Models: Check your List twice!

The Internet offers opportunities. But when you apply to a post on a modeling forum or job posting site like Craigslist, always ask questions, and get details. Ask about payment and if you will be paid in cash or check or what. And don't be afraid to ask questions about the name of the magazine, Production Company, and to see a resume or website. As a freelance model you have to act as your own business, meaning you are sometimes your own agent, accountant, and organizer. Walking into a studio, apartment, set and not being sure you are going to get paid is sometimes a risk you will take, but at least have a clear address and honestly tell someone, a friend about where you are going. It is easy for anyone to lie and scam someone through the Internet, the posting could be for a major magazine or product or ad campaign but there is no harm in calling the corporate number and asking “do you have a post right now on Craigslist,” or wherever just to be sure if something seems a little weird. Somedays the agents are calling and when they aren’t and you are freelancing your own self you have to check off all of the cautions on your list.


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