Thursday, October 4, 2007

Petite Modeling anf Finding the best way to Market Yourself

This photo was shot at 49Grove -I have started posting articles on ezinearticles to give hints and tips about the modeling industry.

Here is part of one article I wrote and the link is above :)

Because of the Internet Modeling has become a business of hits and clicks, and having a website is old news. But Modeling isn't just hits and clicks and trust me, it can be intriguing but to model and seriously book jobs you need a ton of ambition to do it alone. It is possible, but you have to be cautious and creative, and smart about it.
1. Ask yourself why you want to model.
Seriously. Why-do-you-want-to-model. What is it that makes you curious and interested in modeling? Is it the fame? The exposure, the hobby of it, what do you want out of it. Why should an agent work with you? What can you offer?
2. Try to think as if you are the client.
Imagine Nike or any global brand casting for models for their next ad campaign or commercial. They are not most likely looking on line. They are going through an agency and it makes sense. Why the hassle, why wonder if the girl is going to show up? Why wonder if the girl knows how to pose. Why waste time? So to get these types of jobs you need an agent. Because the client is going to go to the agent 99% of the time. Unless you know how to skip the middle man ( for that see number 4)
3. How do you get an agent.
Well, they are judging you by your photos so it comes down to quality images and persistence. You might get turned down 15 times. Does that mean you should give up and only stick to hits and clicks on the Internet? No way! You should think deeper about yourself as a model and ....

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Little Model Talker- isobella jade

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