Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Maybe you aren't Dita Von Teese

Now I know it is entrapping to forever long be an Internet nude model -Ok...I love posing nude sometimes too, and you can pose nude if that is your forte' but do it for more than the Internet. Everyone wants a hit and click and is obsessed with it, and the other day a girl on ModelMayhem asked me " do you have any advice for the ethnic girls?" and I did! It was to get off the Internet and maybe scout some magazines she wants to be in and to start shooting with photographers that have goals and real pursuits,...I think all models, of any race, color, height or weight should be using their brains more than their tits and ass!
If you do this, You could be even the next Dita Von Teese! She knows how to put on a show and accessorize her outfits. I don't know what she looks like without her makeup but she has a thing with her small alluring eyes with the dark liner that looks really hot. If you can't get a ticket to see Dita Von Teese, then hit up The Box on the east side in NYC, it beats any strip club and any nude modeling website out there! And models maybe you will learn some moves to inspire at your next shoot.

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