Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Apple Store Stories

A drop of blood was sitting across from me on the 6 train on the way to the Apple Store today. Just one drop. It reminded me of " Little Shop of Horrors," when Seymour Krelborn had to squeeze just one drop for the plant Audrey II to drink. Just one drop. The train was mostly empty just the typical NYC 5, Chinese, A Black Man, A Spanish Girl, an Indian, and me. Red Lipstick was being smudged across the spanish girls lips, her face though for some reason powdered whiter than the rest of her body. I got off and realized I had a red shirt on. And was going to the Apple store.

Red must be the color of the day.

Walking into the Apple Store feels different now that I am not as desperate, and I hear my self whisper "damn this sucks!" when I can't find a computer. This was my homage and still I need it. My boyfriends PC died on me this morning, after rebooting i at least 10 times, I did give up!...Soooo pissed and so again I am here at the store. I have a love hate relationship with computers. These machines really drive me emotionally mad. I almost wanted to hit the PC this morning and held my arm back, my hands feel tense and tingling because I really wanted to hit the crap out of it! But here at last with an Internet connection I am continue to pursue on. Check email, castings, and apply to jobs, write my blog, promote my self, my story, and give advice and tips to the short models....having a connection means I am able to do what I want to do again.

The Apple store's computers have died on me before, and free Internet does that, but the Apple Store is still deep in my heart and it is an amazing tool, place, and hub for a dreamer like me.


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