Saturday, March 28, 2009

The fish pedicure a fishy investment for salon business

I did a job this week that involved my feet! I get pedicures when I have jobs or castings and this "fish pedicure" mentioned in the WSJ recently caught my eye.

This is how I can best explain it:

Imagine small fish eating dead skin off your foot during a pedicure. The “Fish pedicure treatment” was first brought to the US from China by John Ho, who has two salons in Virginia and has custom made his own Plexiglas tanks which he has lead to many franchise agreements in other States. Yet lately the procedure is being banned and outlawed in 14 States, being considered unsanitary.

At Ho’s salon thirty five dollars will buy you fifteen minutes of little fish eating all the dead skin off your feet. You just place your feet in a Plexiglas tank and the skin eating fish have a meal on your toes, heels, and soles. Don’t worry you have your own individual tank and fish and your fish will not be able to swim to another person’s foot.

Afterwards for sanitary purposes the water in the tank is changed. (However be on the look out for fish droppings in the tank as a sign for dirty equipment.)

The “latest trend in pedicures and pretty feet” has lead to many salons owners at loss from investing in the custom-made pedicure tanks and purchasing these special dead skin eating fish.

I am usually down to try new things, but this one concerns me a little...personally would not try this one. I'll just take a regular pedicure please!

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