Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Disney 23 and some history of Disney

I think the fairy-tale within Disney's characters can be unrealistic for young girls, because in life not every one is a princess and striving to be one can lead to pure disappointment. However I love Disney. I love the brand and the roots of it.
Walt Disney was truly an amazing man. I want all the Disney movies, the early ones, Fantasia is one!

Disney is launching D23, which is a network/community Disney has recently created for Disney fans. There is also a well produced magazine based on Disney history and it is photographically very well done.

Learn more here:

I would like to read Walt Disney's biography soon, but here are some things I learned about him while Googling:

-Disney was cartoonist for his high school newspaper. His illustrations were based around World War I and very patriotic.
-Disney was an ambulance driver during World War I.
-After reading the book Animated Cartoons: How They Are Made, Their Origin and Development,he decided to open his own animation business and he and his brother pooled their money to set up a cartoon studio in Hollywood.
-His first distribution deal came with live-action/animated shorts of what would become Alice's Wonderland, did you know there was an Alice of the Jungle too?
-Virginia Davis was hired to be live-action star/actress for his Alice Comedies, which lead to the film Alice’s Wonderland.
-Mickey was not his first character, the character was based on a mouse he had adopted as a pet while working in a Kansas City studio, the first Mickey short film was a silent film called Plane Crazy, later it would have a soundtrack.
-"The mouse was originally named "Mortimer", but later christened "Mickey Mouse" by Lillian Disney who thought that the name Mortimer did not fit. Mortimer later became the name of Mickey's rival for Minnie, who was taller than his renowned adversary and had a Brooklyn accent."

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