Saturday, March 14, 2009

The girl on the train with a Playboy Bunny bag

I see this girl on the train with a Playboy Bunny handbag. A bag mocked out in the Playboy Bunny logo, splattered in a pattern like a Coach bag. I wonder if she knows what she is saying? What is she saying? I watch her. Face to ground, looking at no one. Trying to blend, or just ignore all around her. I wonder if she knows the sex symbol that ironically followers her as she exits the train. What does this bag mean to her, why did she choose it, pay for it, what does a bunny mean to her?

No offence to Playboy but she looks too young, not even 18 or of legal age to drink, so what I see is a girl with a Playboy Bunny handbag letting it speak for her, her sexuality maybe? I start to wonder as she leaves the train, is she virgin, a student, does she have a job, or hobby? I start to think this handbag is too much defining her.. saying I am available, I am able to be taken, I am sexy, I am defined by what my handbag says I could be...or maybe she is just a girl who likes the color of the bag, and the logo doesn't faze her. It sure phazed me.

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Jane said...

You made me think and I think you're right.