Saturday, March 21, 2009

This weekend saving money not going out to eat..well a hotdog on the street

Well, we are eating in this weekend. I like it. I like cooking.

This morning I tried to cook, or fry some potatos and something was wrong. Not working. Called my mom and put them in the oven.

Scrambled eggs. Made ice coffee for my bf and we enjoyed a home-made brunch.

Went out to get haircut, and enjoyed the afternoon shopping among vintage stores and street corner specials. Got street meat, aka a hot dog. (2 for $5-including a dollar tip). We tip the hot dog guy, we might be the only people who do because he looked at us weird not wanting our change.

My bf bought me a wonderful white vintage handbag. Just 38 dollars and so excited to flaunt it with a cute spring dress soon.

Got back downtown and got cozy in our sweats and made some chicken and mushrooms and veggies and dip and chips and totally chilled.

Drinking wine now.

Tonight and now watching TV and movies and spending the rest of rday reading and laying low.

Sometimes lazy, chill weekends are the best! And they save us money. Ordering pizza, and going out for Sushi can cost $25-$70 dollars. So buying $100 worth of food and eating in is worth it, it will last a week.

I am about to write an article about the model-internet obsessed and submit it to a magazine or newspaper. I am also working on my how-to modeling book this weekend.

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