Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Mental Floss feature

It was wonderful speaking to Mental Floss about my unconventional writing experience, it brought back a lot of memories, some laughter and a reminder that social places like the Apple Store are becoming more and more of the hype. It makes me feel sort of honored to have had the store there for me during an honestly really rough but inspiring time.


Aida said...

Congratulations on your site and I hope you continue. I am looking for opportunitities in pregnant petite you have any connections?

isobella jade said...

Yes, there are agencies for pregnant models, try googling: modeling when pregnant/ or Maternity modeling. There are a ton of magazines for Mom's to be- so this proves there is a demand, so why not send your photos in your self to the magazines in the mean time for some editorial modeling. Look in the credits section of the magazine and send them to the photo editors. Or if you have a cute, or funny pregnant story, why not write it, and send it to the magazine.