Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Modeling Tips, Yes You can Get Photos for Free

Before you pay a photographer try to pitch one first, here are some things to consider when pitching.

1. research photographers work style, and notice if the photographer has been published in any magazines or worked with any products.

2. Pitch yourself as a model who is serious and ambitious and who would like to model with brands. Bring your voice to the shoot, do not just say " can we test," without an idea. Bring an idea to the table, bring accessories, a concept that could even be submitted to a magazine. This could mean: scouting locations, heling to find amakeup artist who will work with you both for free as well, looking for designers and aspiring brands which might be willing to loan you clothing. Yes sometimes being a MODEL means also being somewhat of an art director.

3. Have a plan, and don't just shoot to shoot, when you emailing and contacting photographers be blunt about your goals and where you want to go and focus on shooting with products and include retail or jewelry or a cool phone, or gadget into the shoot as well. Shoot like it is an ad campaign.

No matter your height always shoot as if you are shooting with a purpose, for something, make a shot that looks like it tells a story, like it is an ad campaign, or apart of an editorial, even look at magazines for ideas if you must, just don't pitch yourself to a photographer without a plan, and something to an idea. Trust me most models do not even bring this. Ask yourself WHY would this photographer shoot me without being paid?

If you can't answer it then you need to take a moment before you pitch a photographer and thing of some reasons why you are worth NOT having to pay.

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