Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Fashion Stumped!

Now I am not jealous, and I do not care about rocking the runway, that is not the point, I do enjoy watching the shows sometimes, but I still don't understand how in this day and age the models are Always Always Tall. It just looks so wrong to me. Like putting dark liner on your lips with light lipstick. It just looks bad.

I know it might sound like another short girl bitchin' but I did some thinking tonight about it, and I recently read in Vogue how Stella McCartney has a new lingerie line that goes up to a size Double D, but I doubt a girl with a double-D sized chest has ever walked the runway, unless she was for Lane Bryant. I think if the clothing is being sold to department stores who sell it, the department store should be checking on the size and height and weight of their customer and the designers should understand that what looks pinned up on the runway isn't targeted in the right way to their customer. It's like seeing something pretty on the runway and then trying to translate that into a size that will fit you and still look decent. I guess Fashion Shows are more of an art display than anything though.

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