Thursday, January 17, 2008

Modeling Tips: Body as a Business

I had a casting today where I had to use my legs and arms to make a statement. I have a feeling the job involves wearing a costume where you face isn't showns she your arms and legs have to do the emotion for you. It was an interesting casting, the breakdown involved "looking for dancers, and girls who have personality and can walk in heels." My agency told me to wear a leotard and heels. Well, I am not a dancer, but I showed up in my leotard and 5 inch Stuart Weitzman heels(which I got on sale)and strutted and pranced the best I could. It was interesting to use my arms and legs to as my speaking element. As models we are so used to using our faces, but also our limbs, legs, arms, shoulders, have a personality as well which can be used in shoots too.

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