Sunday, January 13, 2008

Modeling Tips: 10 items or less for a Photo Shoot

A big bag at a photo shoot isn't needed, so the next time you have a shoot or are planning one, you only need to pack these ten items! Have your nails done before the shoot, don't waste time waiting for your nails to dry the day of your shoot.

These are the basics and some of my ideas and favorites!

1. The first thing is Shoes!!! They are one of the most important things at a shoot, they can set the tone, they make you look taller and leaner, and they make you feel hot. You only need one pair if the pair can be nicely wore with both jeans and lingerie. For great shoes try Nina Shoes, or their new line called Dolls, for a mix of glam and sophistication.

2. Outfits: You should bring three things to change into for a few reasons. One is that after three changes you might be tired and also it gives your shoot a time line and plan. Another reason is shooting with the same photographer can make your book look not diverse enough so plan to only shoot one or two or three looks at most with each photographer you work with.

3. Makeup! You only need to focus on eyes and foundation mostly. While you are getting ready and packing, only bring the few makeup colors you need and the foundation that is best on your skin tone. Lipstick or gloss. I love Rimmel and also N.Y.C and Mac brands for my shoots because the makeup is affordable and quality and lasts for the whole shoot. A lot of girls go overboard with make up and it really looks bad, you should only use what you need for an example look at the girl's makeup on a box of hair color, usually this look is fresh and pretty and good on any skin tone. Your makeup shouldn't speak more than your expression or pose, or your features!

4. Skincream, handcream and foot cream can all be basically ONE cream in your bag so pack light! Pick one that is a tanner. Or include Sally Hansen's Spray for legs and face. Works wonders!

5. Q-tips for makeup fix

6. A shaver/razor for last minute clean ups

7. hair band or clips. To create diversity or some hair rollers

8. hairspray, gel, and a brush

9. makeup remover- so after your shoot you can clean up your face, and the sooner the better because it can create blemishes to leave makeup on too long after being under the hot lights or sun.

10. If you want bring your favorite CD's and music for the shoot as well.

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