Thursday, January 3, 2008

The Three Modeling Photos you Need

Petite girls, petite models, always ask me how they can get ahead, and these three modeling photos are what can help!

1. Focus on ad campaigns and products that have packaging that includes a girls face, such as beauty products, hair care, eye glasses, these can all be examples of a headshot that would benefit you and your portfolio book.

2. Do something! I think an action shot is always needed, such as: laughing, running, crossing the street in heels and a suit, walking a dog, dancing to show movement, even the slightest movement and a smile is good to show personality, anything that shows you doing something.

3. Body. Whether you have a tone and solid, super great body or not, there are still ways to take a great body shot. A Fitness shot is a great idea, and off the shoulder dress is a nice way to show some skin tone sweetly, heels, wearing heels that show your toes implies a sexy edge, and shows personality as well. Of course it is great if you can include a product, like panty hose, shoes, a handbag, dress up your hair, or wear an elegant dress, each shot should tell a different story, but still be you!

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