Wednesday, January 9, 2008

With or Without a Modeling Agency

The Modeling business is now based on personal effort. Supermodels are found on the web, and getting known is now the norm from a Myspace profile or making your own website. So where does that leave the agent? The modeling agent has been an important tool for a model to get ahead, but I consider an agent just that, another marketing tool not limited to other needed sources when comes to getting work and becoming a model. The modeling business isn't just about fashion but a lot of girls think it is still. Alot of girls fall into the mindset of thinking of they are tall, slim and a certain weight they will or wont be a model. This simply is not true. Models are working of all heights and weights, but you have to knw how to market yourself, and if you want to model, I think you need to think honestly about what you do have to offer and then target the agencies that want those things. If you are petite 5'6" or under, there is still a lot of modeling you can do. It just might not involve your height or face getting you in the door. It might involve your feet, your hands, your body. The first modeling job I got was shoe modeling, it was because the shoe fit. I don't hit up the fashion agencies because I know they are narrow minded, I only hit up places which I know are more welcoming to get work for print models, and models of many ethnicities and sizes. Usually talent agencies are better than modeling agencies for petite models. Or stick to print modeling agencies. The word fashion will knock you down, which is sad, when there is so much print work out there for a petite model. Sometimes it is best to get in a magazine first, get a tear sheet, push to get yourself out there first and then an agent comes...You have to seek your work, your agency, and keep trying, proving to yourself and those who might doubt you that YOU can!

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