Sunday, January 27, 2008

Modeling Monologue: A Savvy Model

A lot of models think modeling is only about posing and being beautiful and adorned. They forget to consider that as an aspiring model, especially as a freelance model to learn how Business works. How the brands pick their models, what agencies they work with and how the stuff that happens inside the magazine doors, and ad agency doors work. Modeling isn't just about the modeling agency. As a savvy model you can get work on your own if you research not just modeling agencies but also try to learn as much as you can about how brands work, how you can promote your self to them with or without a modeling agency. For example if there is a brand or magazine you want to work with. I would hit up the marketing departments at the company/ or the photo editors or booking editors at the magazine. It is hard to self serve as a model, but that is what the world is about these days , no one is going to hand it to you and you might never get Discovered!, you might have to make them discover you and discover yourself, and when you are petite especially modeling is a challenge, and it is a challenge based on the fashion industry challenges, but if you put the fashion mindset aside and instead market your self as a commercial print model and work with quality photographers so you have the right photos you need, and if you are persistance and do not wait for the phone to ring and even try to book your own jobs you will start to understand the ins and out of the industry. If you are 5'2" don't try to be a fashion model, instead try to be a shoe model, a commercial print model, a hair model, a beauty model, a hand model, a body parts model. There are ways to make it work for you but it might not be fashion, or the runway or in the pages of Vogue. Set other goals for yourself, realistic ones that CAN in deed come true. Remember: Modeling isn't just about posing, it is also about making it happen for yourself!

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