Thursday, January 3, 2008

Articles for Shorter Models

I am working on some articles during the next few weeks based on shorter models because the marketplace, the industry, the commercial world of selling is towards the average girl in America, who is about 5'3" or under, and it makes me wonder Why Aren't These Shorter Girls Modeling the Stuff enough! It is sort of backwards, if the products are going to be bought by shorter girls, why isn't it on the runway at their level and measurement? If the average woman is not 5'10" why must these tall Giraffes lead the way always? I have fought the demand and won, but now I want to make a statement about not just the modeling business but the products, the marketing departments, the ad agencies, that aren't saying " hire the girl whose height matches the consumer!" Mmmm Time to put on my highest heels and write an essay!

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