Friday, January 25, 2008

Petite Modeling Monologue: Being Realistic with Yourself

Having an honest perspective on yourself is the best way to start thinking about the modeling industry and being apart of it. The first thought might be Vogue or Playboy but there is also a wide space of modeling you are not considering. The best thing is to be honest with yourself, and undertsand that as a model you might not ever walk the runway or pose for the Victoria Secret campaign but thats ok, because you can use what you DO HAVE and get modeling work. Petite models sometimes feel that because they can't walk the runway or can't get an agent easily, they shouldn't try. I think this view point comes because what is available to represent the modeling industry is simple a narrow minded view. On television especially with reality shows the perceptive is very limited. I believe that if a girl really wants to model, and she isn't the typical standard model, or has the typical expected height requirements she needs to accept that there is modeling work out there for her, but it might not involve the vision that appears when she thinks of what a model is. If you really want to model and you are petite you might have to understand the "other" types of modeling work you can do. Consider that you might not always be the face of the photo shoot or ad campaign or editorial but you can use your hands, lips, feet, and legs to model. A lot of petite models can also do commercial print work, such as hair modeling and package modeling for products like makeup and hair color, even modeling for Samsung and Petco. I think it is best to be realistic and to focus on targeting yourself to commercial print modeling agencies and to accept that maybe you wont be the next sought out runway model, but there is a lot of modeling you can do and you do not have to become another " Internet model." You can really model with brands like Bath and Body Works and Marshalls', Time Magazine, TeenVogue, Wella, etc, if you start understanding and accepting the truths about a a model. If you want to model, you can. You just have to accept the modeling that you CAN do.

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