Thursday, January 3, 2008

Petite Models can Use their Curves to get Ahead

Today I had a casting for my arms and legs for an Industrial commercial. I was told by the agency that I would have to show my body and if booked I would have to wear a body suit and the casting would involve a profile shot and a body shot, so to prepare I put on some tight pants from Mango that I recently purchased on sale for only $21.99! They fit snug and show my curves. I also wore a tank top and a sweater so that I could easily get in and out of my coat and be ready for the casting. At the casting I slated my name and then had to reach out and turn around and show my arms and hands,and pretend I was using a computer and making artistic dancer like movements with my arms while I did so. This job pays $500 dollars and it shows that there are casting out there by modeling agencies that have nothing to do with height. I have also gone on castings for my eyes, my hair, my hands, my thumb, my behind, my chest, my neck and ears and I have shown off my curves and booked work because of it.

Curves do count! rock on petite models! If you have a proportioned body there is work out there for you!

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