Wednesday, March 19, 2008

I want to write a a book, Book publishing and self publishing tips from Isobella Jade

Well.....Before I had my book I had press on it, and before I had a publisher I self published. So first, Anything is possible!

I had personal goals to have my book published by the time I was 25, so first I tried to get a book agent...and although I did self publish, aI did have a great book agent, I got it from using websites like to submit to agents, (since a stamp can be expensive when you are mailing a is don't be afraid to use it! and it is FREE).

If a book agent is important to is some tips:
Think about what books are similar to yours...similar vibe, writing style,...and catagory. Then...look in the credits and thank you section of the book, usually the author lists the agent's name. Or the publisher's name.

Next google the agent or try to get intouch by phone, or email, or mail.

What to mail:
The chapter in your book that defines your story. A marketing plan, and marketing ideas you have for it. And how well received you think the book will be. Quick. Not too over done and when it comes to typos and perfection..don't dwell -THAT is what editors are just send what you think it the heart of the story..

Don't follow ALL the rules:
Don't be afraid to take a chance, write an article based on the book and submit it to a magazine, go to events all related to your book topic, and to not wait. If you really want your book then there is nothing wrong with self publishing, but with it comes a lot of self promotion.

And remember..even if you do self publish you can submit to the bigger publishing houses after.

I did.

A book agent and publisher want to know: How can I market this book? The book is great but what is even more important is the marketing behind it.

Here are some links:

Also: If you love a topic. If you want to write a book about it you should ask yourself...At this moment there are reporters, stories and news about this topic in one way or another and you need to email these writers, reporters, newspapers, blogs, etc, and try to have your perspective known. Of course using MYSPACE,FACE BOOK, among others is good too!
You should also be blogging about your interests, your book, the topics you love.

Self Promotion:
If the book is about being pregnant...I would contact pregnant magazines. If it is about Murder.. I would contact CNN or Nancy Grace. If your book is about dogs, contact dog magazines. Maybe send an excerpt or the base of your book and try to create some buzz.
Newspapers and news sources need news every day!

So beyond the publishing part, Think about also the Marketing too! It will help everything come together.

Think big! And keep trying!

Isobella Jade

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