Monday, March 10, 2008

Aspiring Models are Doing your Manicure

So I was getting a manicure and pedicure the other day and the sweet Asian girl asked me, " what do you do?" I told her I was a shoe model and a hand model, and then she told me quietly that she was interested in modeling too and asked if I had any tips for her after she mentioned an agency she went to that waas going to charge her for photos.

Well I sure told her! I told her to check out my blogs and podcast and to be careful and weary of paying for photographs from an agency unless you really feel comfortable. Some girls just don't know how to get their own photos, so I suppose paying a photographer through an agency referal is best. But paying the agency directly...mmm I am not so sure about that, seems a little sketchy. You could also try calling some commercial print modeling agencies and asking if they have some suggestion of a photographer they work with. Maybe say, " I am interested in modeling with you, but I need a good photographer to take some photos first, can you suggest a photographer?" - usually it works and you get a good one, or you might even get invited to come to an open call or stop by the agency. I did that once, and it got me into a meeting with FFT Models.

Remember: When it comes to finding an agency, -before you even walk into the place...Check the better business bureau. and do a google search of the agency plus the word "scam". The results will speak on if you are wasting your time.

Anyways....The manicure came out great...and who knows. The girl doing your nails could be on a billboard one day! Aspiring models are everywhere.

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