Sunday, March 2, 2008

Is Victoria Secret too sexy...or worse?

My first thongs were Victoria Secret and I enjoyed reading an article recently about how Victoria Secret has forgotten their roots, and needs to bring back their heritage and the guts of who they really are and were. Maybe Ms.Turney should check out the models in the Dove commercial? The lingerie at H&M which is amazing and it is only $20 bucks for a lingerie set and it lasts for over a year too! Brands like Abercrombie, Target, Wal-Mart and American Eagle are making moves towards lingerie and getting bought,and Victoria Secret isn’t as exciting anymore to get under the Christmas Tree either.

I remember when I was 16 and I would get a gift certificate from an aunt and it would be so special to get, now it is sort of old news. I think Victoria Secret should do a few things for a great come back:

1.Remember that “what is sexy,” is being yourself, the old you, the you that actually had hot 5 cotton panties for 25 bucks! Those were the days!

2.Let go of the wind blown hair and get back to the natural model look.

3.Please define lingerie as a pretty again. Lingerie isn’t just meant for the opposite sex. Sure it is nice to be told “your hot!” but also it is just as nice to hear “ your pretty.”

4.The core of Victoria Secret was that we all wondered what the secret was. We are still wondering.

5. We will accept you again. You will see us come running into your store again

I hope Victoria Secret can come up with a new way....which is meant to make a girl like herself, and who she really is, the real sexy girl next door who likes lace, and silk!

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