Tuesday, March 11, 2008

It's not an iPod or a new Podcast, it is Podulars by Wet n Wild Beauty, great for Model photo shoots

No matter if you are an aspiring model or already working with national brands and magazines, one thing that doesn't change is the need for good makeup and a place to keep it safe! I have been trying out Wet n Wild's modular Cosmetic cases and travel pods. This pod is called Podulars and I love how they are soft and can hold ALOT of makeup all at once in a perfect size case. Instead of a million little makeup bags, I really only need this one pod. Easy. Quick and for my photoshoots it is great because I can take it everywhere...from the Brooklyn Bridge to Costa Rica!

Especially because they can hold everything from fake eyelashes to the big blush brushes.

I will be sharing a few of my favorite products from Wet n Wild later this week because the brand has really evolved and the cosmetic line that I loved as a teenager is just as hipe today!


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