Monday, March 1, 2010

snowboarding is not for the weak

Getting on your board is probably the biggest workout of the whole put your feet on the board by sitting on the ground, board in front of you, and you put your snowboard shoes (which also weigh about as much as my head) on the board, and you strap em’ in.

Once your feet are strapped in, your feet on restrained and your legs are retrained, so to stand on your board it takes total stomach muscle, back, arms, and body thrusting forward.

Or you could do what I eventually started doing…rolling on my stomach to be on knees and then tilting back a little bit..—but not too much--- and then standing, with balance.

…ok, then when you stand, you most likely first fall down. You do this process about 5 times or so before you start to glide down the hill, then about 40 feet down, you fall again, and you laugh, lay there, get up, and try again.

After your first practice glides, it takes like 3 falls or more to get the bottom of the bunny hill you take off your boot contraption and carry your board up the hill each time to practice, it is tough. A workout in itself. Try again.

I learned that being on a board isn’t about moving your shoulders at all, really it is all about the tiniest little movements you do with your heel and your toe, while you control your upper body to not go wild. The board will take you down, and you just will move a little bit, your legs are sideways to turn a little or stop, so it is really awkward at first. Learning how to stop is important.

I rode successfully on my board worth screaming” YEAH GO GIRL!” about 5 times, in 5 hours.

Would I do it again, yes. But I have a whole new respect for snowboarders.

The whole thing is like kicking the crap out of your body. Really that is how I will sum it up. If you like a challenge, can handle throwing your body off and on a board many times, and chugging through the snow then it is worth at least the try.

It is fun when you are gliding on the hill for a nice distance, but that took me about 2 hours. Then I was so freaking tired by 4 hours that it took me about 15 falls to get down the mid-size hill. It takes mental strength. It WAS fun mixed with pain, mixed with a challenge, I think if you could see me on video you could not get any work done today, you would be laughing too much.

Snowboarding is a mental attitude, the attitude you have during the practice is is a test of your positive spirit for sure!

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