Monday, March 29, 2010

book and beauty bundle contest winner is Aniela

Aniela, a 26 year old aspiring actress/model from Hollywood, FL is the winner of my book and beauty bundle!

A copy of my memoir Almost 5'4"
e.l.f therapeutic Conditioning Balm
e.l.f lengthing & volumizing mascara
e.l.f eyeshadow duo

The reason I chose Aniela is because the shot is natural and airy and it has a skincare and beauty ad appeal. Her eyes look bright and skin looks soft and fresh.

However notice that I would even crop the shot a bit more and make it look like this:

A beauty shot can be created in many styles, I like the side angle of the shot above of Aniela because it highlights her skin and eyes and has a dreamy appeal that I'd see in a beauty editorial in Glamour, Allure or Marie Claire magazine.

A beauty shot can also be straight on, at a side angle, and also smiling. I think a great example of a beauty shot are the girls on the hair dye boxes, smiling and with fresh faces and hair. However remember for a beauty shot the hair should be out of your face.

Here are some tips on creating a beauty shot and why an aspiring model needs one, better yet, a few different types fo a beauty shot:

And here is a radio podcast on Model Talk Radio where I discuss creating a beauty shot:

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