Friday, September 26, 2008

Bert Stern and Marilyn Monroe nude photos

I recently read in the Daily News that: Bert Stern sues Westchester pair over famous Marilyn Monroe photos

I do love this photo of marilyn with the jewelry. And Bert Stern has great work!

"Bert Stern photographed Monroe weeks before she died in a series of more than 2,000 nude shots that came to be known as the starlet's "Last Sitting."
Stern alleges that seven of the "unique and irreplaceable images" were never returned to him by the publisher of Eros magazine in 1962, and that Westchester County photographers Michael Weiss and Don Penny somehow came to be in possession of them."

This story can remind us of also being careful about the photos we email and send out. Especially aspiring models. Don't send out large files to someone you do not know, and even if you do, be picky about what you send and if it is for publication try to get something in writing about the usage. Sometimes a photo can be used more than once and sometimes that is good and bad.

Click here to read the full story.

I really do not care for the photos of Lindsay Lohan portraying Marilyn. Marilyn was a smart woman but portrayed as a bimbo, I don't think Lindsay really looks like her at all but of well, and I really like the original Marilyn photos better. But the concept was cool. I don't get why they included Lindsay in this article.

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