Thursday, September 18, 2008

Models Health Tip Eating Breakfast for a Healthy Body

To be honest I do skip breakfast often, -not on purpose-I just don't think about it, I am just not that hungry when I wake up and it takes my brain a little while to get hungry until I am bursted and starving for food! It really isn't healthy and usually I sip coffee all morning, but I am starting to eat Yogurt in the mornings, mostly because it is easy to eat, quick and the after taste kind of up lifts my coffee alittle.

Right now I am liking Actvia and Dole with my coffee. Then I have a glass of milk around noon, and try to have just water the rest of the day. Maybe a cocktail around 8pm. I eat a good amount of pasta, fish, and soups.

If you want to hear more about why breakfast is good read this article at

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