Monday, September 1, 2008

Interview Magazine, Kate Moss, Black and White Photography

I love reading Interview Magazine, it is one of my favorites, and the current issue is HOT, I feel like there are more ads in the magazine. ( I don't mind because I love looking at Ads,) Maybe this means the magazine is getting more subscriptions or more popular. I don't love reading people's opinions, or gossip mags but I do love a good interview.

The current issue has some really beautiful photos of Kate Moss nude, I love them. Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott did a kick ass job. Black and White is my favorite. I love the accessories, the long gloves, the fur, and shoes, and her hair cut is hot! I like her hip bone. I do. I have one too, it always sticks out, and I always bang it on tables and chairs, but oh well.

She is still like 4 or more inches taller than me. We both have the same feelings on implants. I am a B cup and happy about it. So many girls and aspiring models are obsessed with their boobs. I am not a fan of huge, huge, bubble boobs.

I also enjoyed her insight on the difference of what a model is a supermodel is, she mentioned how a girl in a sleezy ad campaign is suddenly a supermodel, and Glenn O'Brien saying back, " I keep reading about a girl I knew being a supermodel, so I wrote," She never says what building she's the super of."

I think so many girls are obsessed with being models, and they get a wrong perception, modeling is about modeling something...modeling a product. More than just yourself and your big boobs and ass. I think girls get confused over what a model is and a tease.

And I like that Kate said that she "thinks" when she models, and said, " When you're shooting you go to references in your mind. You think about how you should stand in these particular clothes, or how you should move."

I agree. When I am modeling I am also thinking of the story behind the product and the clothing and the mood they propel. Even whether it is a flip flop or handbag, or jewerly.

I like when she said, " when it is great it is probably both" when talking about a photo that is iconic and that it involves both the photographers skill and the model's.

It is nice to hear a successful not-as-tall- model talk about modeling and the business and being one for 20 years.

I thought it was a great interview.

Anyways, when it comes to Kate, I hope when my book comes out in April 2009, she catches a copy.

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