Sunday, September 7, 2008

Google Marketing Tools - a model knows a thing or two about marketing on the web with Google

From every angle, to modeling to publishing, to all of my web 2.0 endeavors, from blogging to my radio show, to video blogging, I have used free marketing tools to do it, mostly to find answers which help me get a head, get to where I want to be.

With higher expectations and thinking bigger about the things I wanted to do, I started using Google beyond just a show off tool or to use to see how many websites I appear on, I really USE it to do everything I want to do.

I Google to, I Googled to:
Find agents, find photographers, to research reporters, to find address's when mailing my press releases, to research printing places, to find distribution websites to send my electronic press releases, to learn how to self publish, then to find my publisher, to find other websites which might like the articles I write and get them published, to learn about what it means to blog, to learn what it means to pod cast, to find the names and emails of the editors I want to get in touch with, to contact the brands I admire and want to represent, and when I had no clue I used it to research what my opportunities could be if I chased them hard enough.

I also use Blogger, which is a free source for blogging and starting a blog. Very easy to use.

Also I use the web for a lot of my research but also I use it to continue my business pursuits too:
I use the web for pod casting and I use, which is a free pod casting service. I use the web to upload my video blogs to AOL, I create videos and also up load them to Youtube, I use the web as a launch pad, as a symbol of where I am going and as an example of where I have been.

What has the web done for you?

What has Google done for you?

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