Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Charice Pempengco Madison Square Garden with Celine Dion

Watching Oprah today and I was introduced to Charice Pempengco, an amazing teenager who comes from a very challenging childhood but sang her way to fame and beat the odds. No matter the doubt along the way. I was crying listening to her sing, and also the chat she had with Celine was so touching.

Celine then invited Charice to sing with her at her upcoming concert. My mind sparked! I thought of my schedule.

I have Celine Dion tickets!

I emailed my boyfriend quickly while he was at work and ask him urgently "What day are our the tickets to Celine Dion."

It is the concert!

Wow, can't wait, Celine is such a lucky show to see, and it will be very touching to hear their duet.

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Daniel said...

Charice is indeed a special person and one heck of a singer. Like Oprah said Charice is the "VOICE".
I saw her in person at one of her guesting last Aug 9 at US-Philippines Expo in Pomona, California. WOW ! She blow me away. Hearing her in person is amazing. WIth her powerful and soulful voice, it was a treat of a lifetime. Hope you have a chance to see her live.
-Daniel-Los Angeles, CA