Thursday, September 11, 2008

Only an Internet Model: Model Isobella Jade on becoming more of a model.

The Internet has created an opportunity for short girls to become models or use the Internet to promote themselves by at least flaunting their photo on social websites. But what usually happens is just counting the hits and clicks day after day and never really getting into the magazine or modeling for an ad campaign at all. It makes me wonder if what we see on the computer screen limits our goals. Has the aspiring model forgotten her potential or the possibilities? Or the chance they can take for themselves? Still, I understand the struggle. The thing is: The Short Girls Don’t Get into the Fashion Agencies Easily.

It can weigh a short girl down even further. " how will I get an agent" how can I get modeling work."

But then again maybe the shorter girls should be marketing themselves differently?

I have found a way to make myself a model and it has nothing to do my lack of height. It is called body parts modeling, and it has lead me to work with brands like Marshalls, Victoria's Secret, and Braun Razor and magazines like Time Magazine, Bon Appetit and Teen Vogue, and it stems from commercial print modeling and having a marketing mindset.

While glamour modeling and nude modeling might make a girl feel hot and admired, I have found the paycheck is a lot better by using my body as an asset to fill a void in the modeling industry. One that the tall girls can’t compete with. Most taller girls don’t hand model, shoe model, or model their legs even. (Just because the girl is tall doesn’t mean her legs look good!) For most of my jobs involving my hands, legs, feet, and torso, the client wants the model to be proportioned and even small. So I still use my body for these jobs but I use it in a commercial way to book work. Did you know a girl who is 5’1” or 5’2” can still get into castings for Clinique, Glamour Magazine, Wendy’s, Verizon and so much more?

Did you know that height isn’t such an issue with commercial print modeling or body part modeling? This type of modeling allows you to focus on the traits you do have, like your personality and your skin. Don’t forget that your body parts can be of use in a commercial or print ad (for example: a nail polish print ad, or shoe modeling for a national shoe retailer), and by doing commercial print modeling or body part modeling you are using what you already have: which can even include your energy and spunk and you will have fun a lot of the times at your shoots as well, with smiling and posing with the product. I personally don’t mind that I am not on a runway. Think about it this way, if Grandmothers’ can model and act in the nursing home and pain killer ads and commercials, then there is defiantly modeling out there for you as well. And this type of modeling just involves being yourself.

The first mistake aspiring models make is being unable to lose the perception that modeling is full of restrictions. This is true in the fashion world, but for the type of modeling a petite or shorter girl can do it is all about being realistic with herself and getting over the whole high fashion thing quickly because high fashion isn’t the whole modeling world.

What about modeling for skincare products like Vaseline, or be in a car commercial?

A girl might want to be a model someday, but if the only thing she sees when she thinks of the word model is a fashion model then her perception is what needs to change.

She will become a model quicker if her perception of the word is full of all the things she can actually do. No matter her height. Think handbags, shoes, accessories, those are more likely to work with a shorter girl than say, "Gucci"."

If you start to market yourself with products on your mind, then you will start to understand where print models work. Think about watches, hair modeling, jewelry, beauty products, and for many of these ads you can’t even see the models full body so the height of the model isn’t even defined.

These are the type of jobs you should start marketing yourself to.

Sure, you might be the tiniest one in the room at the photo shoot, but you are the one in front of the camera still!

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