Friday, September 19, 2008

Subway Confessions- Don't litter on the subway you might get yelled at by me

I don't mind speaking up for the sake of the environment, or getting my hands dirty...even in a cocktail dress, or while wearing my favorite high heels or on the subway.

A recent experience on the 2 train goes like this...

I sat on the 2 train heading down town, I had just finished the dangerous task of fixing my mascara while enroute on the train.

When I was done my full dark eyes stared at the tall, long haired girl standing near the subway door.

She was picking at her finger nail with intense focus. I watched her carefully, inspecting her sincerity as she picked. I was trying to find a way to forgive her, let it go, and just get off at my stop without confronting her.

A few moments before she had dove into her obnoxiously large black bag and had flicked a piece of paper, - maybe a gum wrapper- on the subway floor.

The silver wrapper on the black subway floor was starting to really bother me.

I watched her, in hopes she would pick it up. The paper seemed to get bigger the more I obsessively stared at it. It was as if the wrapper would tattoo the subway floor forever.

My heels went "click, click, click" loudly as I stood up before my train stop and walked her way.

Still picking at her finger she hardly noticed me but something had to be said.

"Are you honestly not going to pick that up?" I looked to the floor to give her a sign.

Her eyes widen, knowing she was being threatened in public without a girlfriend, or boyfriend to perhaps protect or defend her littering, as we pulled into the station.

She goes: "Are you crazy?"

She had no idea how crazy I was. I picked up her gum wrapper and held it in front of her little head, "You know, you can't expect someone to always pick up your trash."

I think she was about to call me a bitch but the subway doors had slammed shut loudly, calling her one instead.

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