Friday, September 19, 2008

Putting on Thigh Highs at the Apple Store -Bathroom Visitor Confessions

well I will admit I haven't used the Apple Store recently as desperately as I have in the past, but I will say they do have some of the cleanest bathrooms, so it was on my mind.

Hours before I was with my friend at an event and I had to look conservative, but now I had a casting a few ten blocks away-near Little Italy, but I figured the Apple Store was a good spot to change. I was suppose to portray a Librarian that is sitting there reading, but a guy walks in and pictures her taking her shirt off and showing her thigh highs. So my vintage dress would not do for this scene. So I had to change.

At the store, I checked my email first, giving respect to the computers, and then made my way upstairs to the bathroom. I could hear a presentation of “an Apple iGuitar Demo’ going on. I promised myself while walking by to attend some of these sessions.

At the bathroom the last stall was open; I was planning to change from my vintage dress into a button up top and black pencil skirt, and thigh highs. Putting thigh highs on in a bathroom can be dangerous at anytime, but at least in the last stall it is bigger and there is more space.

I rushed in quickly, threw my shit on the floor, went pee, and then started to disrobe, throwing my vintage dress on the floor. Next, standing there just in panties was to figure out how the heck I was going to put on my thigh highs and garter without getting my feet dirty and not ripping a run in my thigh high or fall on my face in the process of this balancing act. Well I figured if I clasp the thigh highs to the garter first and then managed to put both feet into the stocking at the same time while holding the bathroom railing I could manage. I would slip them on like slipping into…mmm I don’t know.

Well it wasn’t that simple. It was a pain in the ass to clasp the thigh highs to the garter, I hate that part, and it truly can piss me off. Well I sat on the toilet rim and focused. I could hear someone else coming into the bathroom.

I kept doing my thing, imaging what the hell I looked like from the perspective of the person who just entered the bathroom, my bare feet, standing on my coat jacket, some huffing and grunting going on.

Once victory was claimed, I carefully balanced my ass on the toilet seat and held the garter and hose out in front of me, leaned back and rose my legs, slowly, and carefully slipping both of my feet into each of the thigh highs. It didn’t work.

So I tried just the left leg, first the toe goes in, slowly, sneaking into the rim of the thigh high, and then gradually I pull it up to my calf. STOP, now putting the right leg into the thigh high, toe first, up to calf, now their at same level, I pulled up, up, up, inching, inching, inching, don’t rip it, don’t rip it, up to my knee on the left, then the other. The automatic toilet flushes on my ass, -damnit! And I stand up, and finish the rest of the masterpiece up to my thigh.

I quietly put on my shirt and button it, listening to the girl next to me finish her duty, tucked the shirt into my pencil black skirt, put on my sexy Stuart Weitzman shoes. The look was almost complete. I threw the coat on, and whip open the door like Super Woman would, and rushed to the sink, beating the other girl, I brushed some water through my hair, darkened my eye liner, threw on some lipstick, added some blush, bumped into the other girl in the bathroom with my big bag, saying I am sorry a couple times, and then dashed down the Apple Store plexy glass stairs, and race to my casting ready and prepared, looking the part. Thanks to the help of the Apple Store bathroom!

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