Friday, September 19, 2008

Take Eva Mendes to Bed- Eva has a bedding collection at Macy's!

ooh I love the feeling of fresh sheets and snuggling in them after the wash, and now the beauty Eva Mendes has a bedding collection at Macy's called VIDA. While watching Rachel Ray this morning I was bought the news. Whenever I hear the word VIDA I think of the song by Son By Four.

Now I knew she was Calvin Klein's hotty of the moment, but now Eva has a bedding collection that involves affordable luxury with a romantic style. Mmm. Ohh I like the sound of that.

Bed Sets range from $340-420, only at Macy's. Good idea to get some warm bedding for the winter.

Also I like that Eva Mendes recycles, and re-uses things. Bed shag, becomes a table cloth. Savvy!

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