Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Do you know who Susan G. Koman is?

Do you know who Susan G. Koman is? She is the sister of Nancy Brink, and Susan died of breast cancer when she was 36 years old in 1980. Since then Nancy,-who also fought breast cancer- has been building the Susan G. Koman foundation, and Nancy is the creator of pink and Race for the Cure. Nancy has been a key force to funding advances in breast cancer research. This was before the internet, before it was even normal to speak of the word breast so honestly. This was before the treatments of today, this was before pink, and ribbons, she was basically the first voice of a woman for breast cancer.

I remember when I was 14 or 15 seeing these little hanging plastic info card on the shower head, it explained how to give yourself a breast exam. My mother put it there because her mother had died of breast cancer and she wanted us girls ( her daughters) to know about how to give yourself a breast exam.

If you do not schedule yearly exams at your doctor, or give your self exams monthly you should!

Prevention is key, living a healthy life with a low fat diet and not smoking, and putting exercise into your lifestyle.

I do.

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