Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Naked Modeling Confessions

Today I wasn't completely naked at my casting but I did have to unbutton my shirt and reveal my thigh highs for the role. The casting was for a feature film, I hope I get the role! Usually if I do have to go naked for a casting for a body part modeling gig or something for editorial work or ad there is a woman present taking the shot at the casting, or filming my body. It isn't just some freebie show for a male casting director.

Knowing the difference between professional and amatuer is important if you want to use your body to model.

I am comfortable with my body, with nudity and if it is done with a story involved but I am very picky about the nudes I like. I like practically nudes, or almost nudes most, see through shirt nudes.

I do love the mixing of accessories and wearing just a jacket for a nude, like this shot above of Marissa Miller. Also this is a cool nude from a few years ago with Joey Quintero, I like his work. And another from one of my favorite photographers, Michael McCabe.

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