Thursday, September 18, 2008

Throwing a Green Party-

Throwing a Green Party is Easy
Written by: Isobella Jade on September 17, 2008

Planning a party is half the fun. If you’re going green, like me, planning an eco-friendly party is natural. Here are some ways to make your next party green or greener. The first step is making sure your party materials do not end up in the landfill.

While decorations and streamers can make a room feel more vibrant and themed, or more purposeful, you should choose to skip them. Most of these items can not be recycled and end up in the landfill. Instead, tweak your lights to get the desired effect.

Plates and Paper Products
Paper plates and paper products should be limited. If you must use paper plates and cups then get some that can be recycled. For green paper towels, try the Seventh Generation brand.

Also keep in mind that paper towels can be replaced all together with clothed napkins. Cloth napkins can bring a colorful element to your party as well, and they can be thrown into the laundry and re-used for the next party. You can purchase a colorful assortment that will last many parties at

Serve up drinks with water jugs or pick beverages that come in aluminum cans and glass bottles. Buying with a green mindset can make a big difference. Remember that glass and aluminum can always be recycled. Plastic is tougher to recycle.

Clean Up
Did you know that using the dishwasher can actually be more energy efficient and water efficient than washing by hand? Just think of the water you waste letting the facet run while you soap a dish.

When it is time to celebrate, be sure not to forget the environment, and to recycle all that you can to limit waste. Green parties are easy to throw, they just take a little planning!

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