Thursday, September 4, 2008

Christy Brinkley + new york magazine + internet models

I enjoyed reading the article in New York Magazine on Christy Brinkley. I especially love that Christy was not your run of the mill model. Bigger boned, but very photographic, it is her persona and the story in her eyes that appears in photos that gets my attention. At 54 she is smoking, beautiful, and looking alive, fresh and I love her eco-friendly vibe.

I thought it was interesting in the article how she mentioned how she was discovered, "walking to the phone booth to call a vet about her dog in Paris." It made me think about how far cell phones have come along since then. If there were cell phones then perhaps she would have never been discovered and become a model.

Technology really has changed things, everyday more and more girls download their photos on the web, these little social sites and I will admit at one point I even thought that was modeling, but for the modeling world, the business of modeling, technology can't compare, the old fashion way still lives, you need a portfolio, you need a compcard, you have to go to open calls or mail your photos to the agency address. Email isn't for everything, and this might sound obvious to insiders in the industry, but to the girl next door of today, remember hunny, " the web is not going to make your dreams come true." Models on the web are a dime a dozen, and it seems they clutter the net and hookers, escorts, and real models working with top brands all claim the title model, and I bet Christy would never image that during that day in Paris near the phone booth, that there would be such a thing as an internet model.

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