Sunday, September 21, 2008

The Apple Store Model Isobella Jade- An Interview with herself

Petite model and author Isobella Jade answers the questions which she gives herself on a daily bases. ( Illustration by Adrian Velez)

So Isobella it’s been 2 years since you wrote a book at the Apple Store, how does it feel?
Well the act of writing the book at the Apple Store is something I now look back to with shock. I wonder “how the heck did I have so much patience”, especially when I go to the store these days and reflect.

What computer did you write on?
I did most of my writing on a 17inch iMac, at the SoHo store in New York City. The store has since then done some re-designing of the computer displays but it was at the back of the store on the right side of the store, on the table with the display of iMacs.

What were you writing about?
A lot of girls want to be models but my book is about the modeling business from a short girl perspective, on how I got ahead as a model between 2001-2006 and found success. I describe it as an Internet Age Seabiscuit of Modeling except it involves rated R language and raw, blunt, and really honest content and it involves nudity and self discovery. The greatest feeling was letting my mom read it and her liking it.

What do you think of the Apple Store?
I think every Apple Store is uniquely placed in areas that represent hope, dreams, success, and desire. For example the one on 5th Avenue is placed in an area that represents the girth and glamour of shopping in New York City. The one in the Meatpacking District represents the hips and trendy chill spots in New York City, and the one in SoHo represents the artist in us. The personality of these places is seen in the store. Each store has a different vibe, look, even smell sometime. I love the plexi glass stairway.

Has Apple ever offered you a free computer or anything?
Nope, and that’s ok, I got to use their computers for over 2 years almost every day and I wrote a whole book there, they already gave me so much. I am in the process of producing my own little commercial specs based on my Apple Store experience which I hope to share very soon on Youtube and my website and blogs.

How do you feel about the Apple Store today?
I was at the store today actually. I love it. I am planning to now to go more events at the store. Not much is free in New York City, so if you are a striving model, actor, writer, artist, these days...well..then you can tend to cling to things that are free or don’t cost much... The Apple Store doesn’t have a guy handing out tickets and collecting money to enter and use the computers, so the store is always busy and people are always laughing and smiling it is sort of a heaven.

What is your most fond memory at the Apple Store?
The way my legs hurt after standing in heels for about 4 hours straight writing and working, having to pee and asking the employees if I could still work as they shut down the other computers and being the last one to leave the store and knowing it was a good day spent.

What are your latest modeling pursuits?
I am approaching the brands I like right now and hoping to represent a few, working with a shoe brand would be perfect, I have been using my legs and body for body part modeling, I modeled for the FitFlop for Victoria's Secret, and I am planning a shoot now with Jacquelyn LaCroix handbag company.

What is your next plan?
My modeling pod cast called Model Talk through Blogtalkradio keeps me busy, I love creating video tips and advice, writing on my three modeling blogs daily, and I am in the process of producing another book that is a How-To modeling book, and I also am transforming some stories in my book into a graphic comic. I also love giving self publishing advice. Also I produce video content for AOL's on beauty tips and advice.

If you could say anything to Steve Jobs what would it be?
Thank you, you have no idea the type of people and dreams that walk into your stores, but you can enjoy knowing you helped make one little model’s dream come true.

Almost 5’4” was picked up by The Friday Project in the U.K, an imprint of HarperCollins, it is due in April 2009.

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