Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Ports 1961 Spring 2009 fashion show at Bryant Park

PORTS 1961 MON. SEP. 8th 7PM Promenade

Went to the Ports 1961 fashion show at Bryant Park tonight and really loved it.

The jackets were my favorite. The live three piece band, -shit- forget their name-damnit- played so perfectly with the flow of the collection. Damn I know a couple of the songs too and I can't even think of it right now-shoot-. Anyways, live music is hot and intriguing during a fashion show.

It was a great smart touch.

I liked the accessory push. Almost every model I can remember had a hat or bag, or necklace of some sort. Big chunky necklaces are not my fav but Tia pulled them off well with the collection.

The models all had fake hair cut the same length in a horse like pony tail, it was a nice stern touch, the jackets were very perfect for a petite girl like myself.

I do get inspired by her past season sweater dresses too. And in this show the fitted belts looked very nice as another accessory touch with the jackets. I do like the structure in her collection.
All the models looked like they were off for a mission! To chase or acomplish something, very serious, and calm, collective, confident looks.

There was not an open seat under the tent.

Tia Cibani the designer of Ports 1961 came out for a few photographers to catch her-just kidding I am sure they all caught her little wave, but she came, waved, and went, leaving us all intrigued for more. I wonder how tall she is. Maybe I should send her a copy of my book.

Saw Brandy in the front row, I hope she is on her way for a come back with her new album this fall 2008, I remember listening to her song " I want to be down " and loving it, but that was like 10 years ago it feel like, but I was glad to see her out and about and she was also got together for The Norwood Kids Foundation in a recent Skechers ad with her daughter and looked really beautiful.

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