Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Small Business Google Marketing

For a lot of small business owners they forget the power of self promotion. Whether you are a lawn mowing companies or a lingerie company you have to know the power of the press, and getting buzz all over it, blogs, pod casts, niche product website reviews, and put web 2.0 to use. Google ratings are such a huge thing for small business, so think about what you customer is looking for and the buzz words they use when they search, and apply these words to your website, or your own company blog, and make sure your company pops up when searched! Also if you are an expert at a certain trade, you should write some press releases or short articles about it because somewhere out there, there is a news reporter who is writing about that topic and who would like to hear from you about your insight on the latest lawn mowers or the fashion trends in panty comfort. Put to use what you know and aim to get some press on your product, brand and service, by using the web blogs, pod casts, and even Youtube, to create your own commercial, and be discovered by your customer doing searches on the web.

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