Friday, August 8, 2008

My Little Red Dress and The City today

This is the little dress I wore today, I wore it to a casting and on my way it started when I went to get my coffee. Little turns of their heads, little grunts, mmm's and ooohs, I was first annoyed thinking to myself, “What! I can’t even wear a cute dress without getting gawked at!” One man turned his head and I even said “ What are you lookin at?” with a smirk. He had already seen my ass I suppose and just had to get a peek at my face, I wanted to say, “Am I balanced, do I look ok for you fella!” It was so annoying. But as I got on the subway and sippin my coffee, watching two little boys play and look out the subway windows with a fun glee in their eye, I forgot about my dress. And the gawkers.
Then once off the train the noise started again. A white van parked in busy traffic whistled, and yelled a few
Ooohhhh baby’s” but I kept walking.

Ignoring it all.

Crossing Sixth Ave I could feel the eyes of old ladies, corporate woman and men alike all wondering if I was a prostitute maybe. But I am not for sale in that way. I got a lot of work to do today and I am off to get it done!

I even got an applause as I walked the steps of Bryant Park, no joke, 5 men sitting on the steps eating, smoking cigarettes, clapped at me, and it followed me through the park, and through the pathways to 5th Ave.

Did you know there are flowers, real beautiful flowers in a vase in the public bathroom in Bryant Park? Yup. Amazing. Maybe one of the cleanest in the city.

I made it to my casting, and when I got out it was rainy, cloudy skies, sprinkling a little on my dress. But screw it, I had already spilled coffee on it today.

I headed back downtown, it is a journey to wear a dress you love sometimes.

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