Thursday, August 21, 2008

The Doom of Glamour Modeling

NYC is so competitive but here I have found some great agencies an success as a model and it has nothing to do with how many hits my Myspace page gets, and it didn't happen over night, and it took years, and mostly HARD WORK, it took time and myself developing my portfolio, really think about what I am able to give the industry, and striving to work with great photographers, and really be crafty and inventive, and as my rules for myself and my modeling got stricker and I got better jobs:

You have a choice so make it one that will make you more than just "another glamour model"-
I know you have goals bigger than being "the hottest girl of the week," so think bigger!

If the guy or girl with a camera doesn't have photography credits, Don't work with him/her.

If the guy or girl with the camera has no magazine or advertising or product ad goals for their portfolio then don't work with them.

If the person holding the camera can hardly hold it REALLY don't work with them.

If the person holding the camera doesn't understand the craft of photography and has no passion for photography as a profession, then don't work with them.

Set higher standards for yourself. This isn't about being a snotty model, this is about being serious about your pursuits and the word model and not putting it to shame. By setting higher standards you will get better work.

A real photographer will know how to shoot a model of any height and a real photographer has credits and does photography full time, there is a HUGE difference between these pros and the guys with a camera on the web flirting with wanna be models, so if these girls want to be more, in the UK or US, they have to strive for it, really change their mindset and who they work with, and start thinking BIGGER, AIMING HIGHER, having bigger goals.

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